21st Psychology days in Zadar: Book of Selected Proceedings


Andrea Tokić (ed)
University of Zadar


Psychology Days in Zadar is an international conference organized biennially by the Department of Psychology of the University of Zadar. It started over 40 years ago and it has evolved over decades into a recognizable psychology conference that attracts many researchers from Croatia and abroad.
The 21st Psychology Days conference in Zadar was held on May 24‐26 2018. It was organized by an international organizational‐scientific committee and gathered over 330 active participants from Spain, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Russia, Netherlands, Norway, Turkey and USA. At conference, 130 papers were presented through four invited lectures, two symposia, twelve oral sessions, two poster sessions and four workshops.
Encouraged with authors` interest and positive experiences regarding previous editions of Book of Selected Proceedings (after 15th and 20th Psychology Days), we have decided to invite authors who participated at 21st Psychology Days, to send their papers for publishing in the Book of Selected Proceedings of 21st Psychology Days in Zadar.




April 29, 2020

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