New trends in camping tourism – glamping and family campsites


Gordana Eremić


The paper presents an overview of new trends in camping tourism in Croatia and the world, with an emphasis on glamping and family camps. After the historical review of the development of camping and glamping tourism, there is an overview of the situation in Croatian camping tourism. The analysis of the existing scientific and professional literature presents an overview of previous research on camping and glamping tourism and the problems that camping tourism researchers face. In the final part of the paper, the emphasis is on the predictions of scientists about the future of camping tourism. The methods used throughout the work are: analysis and synthesis method, statistical method, and compilation method. Camping tourism is experiencing significant changes today, due to the maturity of the Mediterranean offer, such as the emergence of glamping as a luxurious and more expensive form. Croatian camping tourism, despite the significant share of campsites in the overall structure of accommodation capacities, notes a lack of research and the authors dealing with new trends in camping tourism and families, but also low utilization by resident tourists. At the same time, the County of Istria is registering an increase in the number of campers as well as in the demand for glamping.


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