Magistra Iadertina, an esteemed academic journal categorized as A2, is proudly published by the Department of Teacher and Preschool Teacher Education Studies at the University of Zadar. This prestigious annual journal, originally initiated in 2001 under the name Zbornik radova, traces its roots back to the establishment of the Teacher Training College in Zadar. With the formalization of the University of Zadar in 2003, Zbornik seamlessly transitioned to become the official journal of the Department of Teacher and Preschool Teacher Education Studies. A significant milestone in 2006 marked the journal's evolution as it adopted the name Magistra Iadertina while steadfastly maintaining its programmatic focus.

Its primary role is to disseminate cutting-edge scientific and professional papers, aligning closely with the interdisciplinary study programs designed for educators and teachers. As a testament to its commitment to academic excellence, the journal takes the form of a comprehensive yearbook.

This publication spans a spectrum of scientific research areas, delving into Social Sciences, Pedagogy, Education, Rehabilitation Sciences, and Humanities. With a unique emphasis on childhood studies, Magistra Iadertina serves as a platform for scholarly contributions that explore and analyze various facets of childhood from multifaceted perspectives. The journal welcomes submissions that delve into the psychological, sociological, and educational dimensions of childhood, fostering a rich tapestry of research that contributes to our evolving understanding of this critical phase of human development.

Authors are encouraged to explore topics such as innovative teaching methodologies, developmental psychology, inclusive education, and the societal impact on childhood. Magistra Iadertina is dedicated to advancing knowledge in these domains, fostering a dynamic scholarly community that transcends disciplinary boundaries.

In conclusion, Magistra Iadertina stands as a cornerstone in the academic landscape, providing a robust platform for scholars to contribute to the collective understanding of education, childhood, and related disciplines. Its legacy of excellence and commitment to interdisciplinary exploration continues to shape the discourse in teacher and preschool teacher education studies.