Adapting the Contents of the required readings for Elementary School Students with Disabilities


Valerija Boras


A successful integration of students with disabilities into family, school, community, workplace and society depends on their fundamental educational achievements, and in particular on the development of their reading literacy. One of the fundamental components for the development of reading literacy is the school’s required reading. Teaching a student how to read is not the sole importance of a required reading; it is supposed to introduce them to the literary world, stimulate their imagination, logical and moral reasoning, as well as the contemplation of life itself. The availability of the required readings for students with disabilities in the Republic of Croatia is extremely limited, and often depends on the teacher’s creativity and initiative. This paper explores the depiction of required readings that are available on the Croatian market and adapted for elementary school students with disabilities.
Likewise, the paper introduces recommendations for the adaptation of the required readings’ content for students with intellectual disabilities and disabilities pertaining to language, speech, voice and communication.


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Professional paper