A note on the naval centurion Liccaeus from Apsorus


  • Marjeta Šašel Kos Institute of Archaeology RC of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts




Roman period, Apsorus, Delmatae, epigraphy, imperial navy, onomastics


The funerary stele of the centurion from the liburna Lucusta, Liccaeus, son of Veius, is exhibited in the lapidarium at Osor (Apsorus) on the island of Cres (Crexi). It has been published several times but no publication took into account all available data concerning its site of discovery. Liccaeus and his heir Dabalus, son of Tritus, did not belong to the indigenous population of the island, but may have been from the region of the Delmatae. However, Liccaeus must have been a distinguished person at Apsorus, since he had been awarded a public place for his burial. His tombstone was found at Osor and not in Punta Križa, a village some 15 km south of Osor.


8. 10. 2021.



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