„Iustos ab iniustis fidelesque ab infidelibus sequestrare et manifeste propallare“ The Register of Rebels and Political Crisis in Medieval Slavonia in the Early 15th century


Antun Nekić


It is practically impossible to understand the local state of affairs in the medieval Slavonia in the first decade of the 15th century without examining the repercussions of the crisis that began in 1402 and culminated the following year and the actions that the winning side took to restore its damaged authority. This is why the mechanisms used for resolving the political crisis are observed in this paper through the prism of the administrative practices reliant on the written word, specifically, through the prism of the “Register of Rebels” made at the General Assembly that took place in Križevci in the late 1403 and the early 1404. Indeed, the quest for the Slavonian register of rebels also yielded clues about the very similar crisis-resolving mechanism used in the Kingdom of Hungary, where a register of rebels was also made in the early second decade of the 15th century. Although not preserved, both documents are valuable for understanding the functioning of the royal apparatus in the early 15th century and for analyzing the modalities of interactions between local societies and the political center.


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