About the Press

  • mȏre (the sea)- a great quantity, plenitude, a great number of something, a vast space [a sea of books, a sea of magazines ]
  • press - a special service that transfers and distributes information to end users, a place where creators and editors of the content have all the necessary tools to work in a single place

Morepress is a branch of publishing activities of the University of Zadar that is focused on innovative creation and dissemination of digital scholarly, teaching, and professional publications in the open access of university departments and scientific research centres. The purpose of Morepress is to enhance the University's publishing activities by using advanced digital technologies intended for the process of gathering, creation, editing, and transfer of open content as well as to actively contribute to the representation of Croatian science and culture in the web environment. The aim of Morepress is to develop new or adjust current technological solutions, intended for merging and transfer of large amount of digitized data and born-digital data, in a unique website called Morepress (http://morepress.unizd.hr)From the mentioned general goal stem specific goals:

  1. to gather currently distributed academic publishing content of the University of Zadar in a unique website (Morepress)
  2. to create a platform for editing and distribution of scholarly and professional journals and other periodical publications in the OJS (Open Journal System) for the organization of editing processes (Morepress | journals)
  3. to create a platform for editing and distribution of scholarly and professional monographs (books, textbooks, handbooks, course materials) - Morepress | monographs
  4. to create a platform for editing and distribution of conference papers and other kinds of miscellanies - Morepress | miscellanies
  5. to create a thematic blog that serves for publishing information about current scientific and academic accomplishments at the University of Zadar - Morepress | blog
  6. to integrate the full-text search system for all types of publications
  7. to test standard publishing distribution formats and models
  8. to develop a digital curation and preservation system for all publications at the University of Zadar