Slavonski Brod - Bjeliš: naselje iz kasnog brončanog doba: Rezultati zaštitnih arheoloških istraživanja 2017. godine


Igor Kulenović
Department of Tourism and Communication Sciences, University of Zadar
Neda Kulenović Ocelić


Slavonski Brod – Bjeliš is situated in the greater Slavonski Brod town area. It is a part of a protected zone, the so called ‘’Archaeological zone within the perimeter of Slavonski Brod’’ (Z – 4953). The protective archaeological excavations were conducted in the period between August and November in 2017. The researched area was 2,9 ha and 2900 stratigraphic units were documented at that time. Numerous features and finds were discovered dating to late Bronze Age, late Medieval Period and World War II. Two cremation burials were also discovered. They are probably a part of a Barice – Gređani type cremation cemetery, discovered earlier at the Bjeliš location (Miklik-Lozuk 2012). Slavonski Brod – Bjeliš site is situated in a flooding zone of a major river (Sava). Therefore, all geological processes and the geological base are predominantly conditioned by the various alluvial processes. The wider, Brodsko Posavlje, area has been intensely inhabited since the early Neolithic and the period which is particularly well represented is precisely the late Bronze Age. The type of finds which is emblematic for the archaeological record of this period are hoards, followed by other types of Urnfield culture sites such as settlements and cremation cemeteries.



December 10, 2019

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